I have been told my French great grandmother used to read tea leaves for all her little french lady friends! 

I can just picture her sitting at her kitchen table, serving up some tea, tuning in to their energies and reading their "future" in the tea leaves. So, out of natural curiosity, I began studying Tarot. Interestlngly enough, Tarot's origins are rooted in Europe, with France having one of the oldest forms of Tarot.

When I'm doing a Reiki healing on someone, I am "in their energy" and I pick up many impressions as well as receiving messages from my guides. Tarot gives me insight and answers to questions while providing tangible evidence right before the client's eyes. The Tarot connects us with the Divine, our Higher Self, and with our Guides. The cards do not show a “cast in concrete” future. Instead, they show a potential future based on your current actions. If you like what you see in a reading, continue on your current path. If you’d prefer to change what you see in a reading, change your behaviors and beliefs.

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